High School Years 7 - 8

Junior High School Years 7 - 8

  • Improvement or Augmentation
  • How We Help
  • Benefits

Improvement or Augmentation

Year 7 and 8 are the big leap from the pond into the ocean.

Along with new routines and demands, perhaps your child is also struggling with school, or needs clarification with a few concepts and ideas?

Maybe your child is performing soundly at school but you would like to augment their current abilities. However, you have no desire to see your child under too much pressure as they do not need to be the dux of the school nor the best in NSW.

No problem. At SIGI Learners, we have classes which suit both kinds of students. 

How We Help

We have a specific program which accelerates the high achievers and augment their existing abilities or helps struggling students improve their grades.

Year 7 Learners & Year 8 Learners

Although separate classes, both the Year 7 Learners program and the Year 8 Learners program are structured and comprehensive learning experiences and as such can help students improve and/or augment school grades. In fact, many students have achieved placements into selective high schools after demonstrating strong performances at their current school. They are by far the most helpful programs we offer as the emphasis is on learning.

Students will be placed in classes which suit their abilities.

Duration: 3 hours + homework + 1 hour tutorial (free), per week

Areas of Learning: English, mathematics, and science

More specifically, year 7 and 8 students will learn:

  • reading and comprehending skills to write long responses and interpret poetry
  • language skills such applying correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and advanced vocabulary
  • writing skills for different types including narratives, newspaper reports, feature articles and persuasive essays
  • fundamental mathematical skills involving decimals, angles, number theory, algebra, 2D and 3D shapes
  • advanced mathematics relating to financial mathematics, number planes, probability
  • the science behind matter, separation of mixtures,  mass, energy and speed, forces, animals and plants

Moving onto year 8, students will essentially relearn everything from year 7 in greater depth but also new topics like

  • circles and cylinders, congruency and similarity, simultaneous equations, statistics, geometrical proofs, ratios and rates
  • the human body, ecology, chemical reactions, acids and bases, electricity, Earth and space, molecules and ions, and scientific methods

Complementing our programs is a personalised and individualised approach which emphasises learning and constant revision. All students can thus work at their own speed and, more importantly, achieve results efficiently. The one-size-fits-all model will only favour the majority thus minorities may either lose motivation because they already know the topics or feel that the topics are too difficult. At SIGI Learners, we dedicate efforts to ensuring students’ happiness and ability to learn. 


The two greatest benefits from tutoring are the development of students’ thinking faculties and the acquirement of knowledge. The highest achievers have well-developed abilities of reasoning, debating and problem-solving, and a wealth of knowledge.

However, students gain more than just academically, such as soft skills. For instance, writing and presenting a speech requires you to engage the reader emotionally as well as improve speaking skills. Confident, attractive paralanguage and body language such as clear eye contact develop from learning how to speak publicly, properly.

Reading texts allows students to accumulate new words, understand how they are used and get a glimpse into the workings of English grammar. This translates into clearer communication, an asset in countless organisations.

Working out mathematics questions endows students with rigorous skills in providing concrete proof and arguments. Other skills include planning, and managing one’s time and money.

Immersion in science develops a second nature in students to learn about the world, which can be applied in the workforce, whether it is understanding why and how people succeed in their careers, questioning and wondering if results can be achieved using other means, or simply getting to the core of an issue or task systematically.

Handing in homework on time builds up organisational and time management skills.

Clearly, tutoring benefits for students span from the academic world to the world that involves teamwork, cooperation and communication between individuals.