2016 Selective School Examination Results

RankStudent NameMarkPlacement
1Monica Zhou*230+North Sydney Girl
2Leo Tong229.81 + North Sydney boy
3Olivia Fan210+Caringbah
Sydney girl Reserve
4Penny Ge187++ Tempe Reserve
5Sharnia Zhang178+Tempe Reserve
6Alvin Xu160++ 
7Sanbo Peng265James Ruse
8Catherine Chen257.35James Ruse
75% Scholarship PLC Croydon
9Yvonne Zhao253.31James Ruse
100% Scholarship Meriden School
100% Scholarship PLC Croydon
10Kathleen Yu 250North Sydney Girl
11Sunny Liu 244.45Sydney Girl
12Jonathan Hong229.93Sydney Boy
13Michelle Chen*225North Sydney Girl
14Mabelle Chung220.79Fort Street
15Jayden Deen220.7Caringbah
16Geoffrey Zhang215.4Fort Street
17Aleksander Constantine210Caringbah
18Jayme Chew207St George Girls High
Sydney Girl Reserve
19Kylan Keying Xie205St George Girls High
Sydney Girl Reserve
20Kalan Fang204.99Caringbah High School
21Derek Yan*202.54Sydney Technical High
22Yong Deng201.7Sydney Technical High
23Irene Tan*198.75Caringbah
24Venus He 195.9St George Girls High-42
25Sachin Ngyanar192Rose Bay Secondary College
will go to Cranbrook 
26Jessica Wang189.6Temp Reserve
St George Girls High Reserve
27Anna Jordanov189 
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