“Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.”
– Dean Schlicter

More than just a formula

Student-centered approach

Comprehensive review of syllabus
Going deeper than the dot points by providing 
contextual examples and analysis allows better 
absorption of commonly forgotten theory.
Focus on correct technique
Emphasis on efficient problem solving strategies to minimise unforced errors in students.

Flexible course structure
Questions of various difficulty combined with detailed and efficient explanations of questions allows tutors to tailor the program to the student.

Year 12 Mathematics EXT2 Course Outline

Leaving nothing behind

Accelerating through the X1 Curriculum
Proofs, focusing on Induction
Vector Mathematics
Trigonometric Functions
Differential Calculus
Statistical Analysis with the Binomial Theorem

Covering all bases

Comprehensive review of the X2 Curriculum
Further Proofs by Mathematical Induction
Further work with Vectors
Complex Numbers
Integral and Multivariable Calculus
Applications of Calculus to the Physical World

Experience the SIGI advantage

Clear and detailed explanation of concepts
Whilst schools rush topics to serve curriculum needs,
our tutors emphasise depth of understanding to fill
in the gaps in complex topics.

Exam practice
Class exams train exam techniques as well as theory, giving students practical experience with stress, time management and keeping cool.

Adaptable individual support
Students prefer different teaching styles. Our tutors
are not micromanaged and can tailor teaching styles to
the student.

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