“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
– Isaac Newton

More than just a formula

Student-centered approach

Comprehensive review of syllabus
Going deeper than the dot points by providing 
contextual examples and analysis allows better 
absorption of commonly forgotten theory.
Exam pressure training
Class exams train exam techniques as well as theory,
giving students practical experience with stress, time 
management and keeping cool.

Adaptable individual support
Students prefer different teaching styles. Our tutors are not micromanaged and can tailor teaching styles to be adaptable, building a unique atmosphere..

Year 12 Physics Course Outline

Comprehensive review of HSC syllabus

Advanced Mechanics


Nature of Light

Universe to the Atom

Advanced Mechanics

In Depth: Projectile Motion
Introduction to Circular Motion
Motion in Gravitational Fields
Application of theory in the practical world


Charged Particles, Conductors, and Fields
Analysis of the Motor Effect
Electromagnetic Induction
Application of theory in the practical world

Nature of Light

In Depth: the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Light and the Wave Model
Light and the Quantum Model
Light and Special Relativity

Universe to the Atom

Origins of the Elements
The Structure of the Atom
The Quantum Mechanical Structure of the Atom
Deep Inside the Atom

Year 12 Physics Lesson Guidelines

Student-centred learning at the forefront

Reference to in-house textbook
“Physics In Focus,” used in various
top-performing schools around NSW.

In-class multimedia presentations
aid explanation of difficult concepts
with visual stimulus

1.5 hour formal lesson – content introduction
In depth explanations of basic concepts and
problem solving strategies

0.5 hours tutorial – information consolidation
One on one guided lessons focussing on theory

Experience the SIGI advantage

Helping students learn how to learn
By allowing students to see the bigger picture. The unique SIGI atmosphere engages students and makes every learning experience an enjoyable one.
Fostering curiosity at every step
The “why” question is always asked to both challenge and enrich student learning beyond the syllabus. Engages students to think critically about every concept.

No student left behind
Complex topics are broken down into simple components to ensure student understanding before delving into the essential details needed for stage 6 responses

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