Opportunity classes (OC) cater for high-achieving Year 5 and Year 6 students who demonstrate a higher academic skill level than other students. OC classes teaches these talented students by grouping them with students of similar skill level and using specialised teaching material.


Covers fundamental and challenging concepts and skills in Reading, Math, G.A. and Writing.


Exam-style questions that are completed with time limits, followed by explanations


Quality monitoring of students’ skills from our experienced andprofessional tutors

SIGI Learners OC Results

1 %
of applicants

will be offered a place in an Opportunity Class.

1 %

SIGI students who got into OC (2018)

1 %

SIGI students who got into OC (2010-2018)

Opportunity classes bring naturally gifted students together. However, hardworking students have proven they too can secure a placement. OC test tutoring at SIGI Learners OC proves to benefit.

Opportunity Classes teach the top-performing, academic students in year 5 and 6 in NSW. Some public schools that offer these are:

  • Hurstville Public School
  • Caringbah North Public School
  • Sutherland Public School
  • Earlwood Public School 
  • Summer Hill Public School

The benefits provided by Opportunity Classes obviously include motivation. These students do not have to wait for struggling students to catch up and generally learn at a faster pace while still studying in depth. Other benefits include:

  • peer networks for gifted students who enjoy learning
  • lots of extracurricular activities for personal development. E.g. Debating
  • more projects that take learning in-depth

If your child shows talent at school and you wish to see them in an environment where a strong love of learning will be instilled, then you should definitely consider Opportunity Classes.

Placements in selective high schools are offered only to those who score in the top percentile in the OC Placement Test, which takes place in July annually for year 4 students.

See below for the structure of the OC Placement Test.


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