SIGI Learners has an amazing team of experienced OC tutors to help your student pass the OC test and achieve academic success.


Core Classes for OC test preparation:

Our OC tutors cover fundamental but also challenging concepts in all learning areas including: Reading and Comprehension, Maths and General Ability (GA). This will help students to maximise time spent in the classroom and accelerate learning.

OC Tutors provide Selective Trial Tests (SST):

Our tutors offer open exam-style questions that are completed with time limits to improve students’ ability to work under pressure and is followed by clear explanations to ensure deep understanding of the concepts and ideas presented.

Writing classes to work the imagination: 

Our OC tutors inspire creativity by providing fun and stimulating writing classes. This is also for those who love the art of words and an opportunity to improve reading and comprehension.

Specifically, students will learn:

  • Reading skills such as concluding, deducing and inferring.
  • Writing skills such as critical and creative thinking, which are useful in persuasive writing and narratives.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Fundamental calculations and problem solving skills as well as visualising the math.
  • Visualisation techniques that enhance the movements of 2D and 3D images in the mind.

Sample questions:

Con has 104 marbles and Mick has 66. Con gives Mick enough marbles so that they both have the same number. How many marbles do they each have now?
A 85
B 87
C 90
D 95
Click here for more sample OC test papers!
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