The Selective Schools Test is a highly competitive exam so here are the fundamental tips from Selective School Tutoring centres in Sydney. They will boost your child’s performance over the span of a few months.


1. Use poetry to build your vocabulary. Most selective school tutoring centres in Sydney do not do this.

Learning new words is a dry and heartless task if you’re just reading the dictionary. Kill two birds with one stone by reading sharp, concise poetry by Yeats and countless other poets and you’re bound to encounter words that you’re not familiar with. At the same time, you’re expanding your vocabulary without reading the dictionary before bed. This is crucial because the reading and comprehension section of the Selective High Schools Test is extremely advanced. We’ve had standard year 8 students find it challenging. Most Selective School Tutoring centres in Sydney do not approach vocabulary this way.

2. Focus on math problem solving instead of just calculations.

Most students can memorise the steps to a multiplication question but will they be able to interpret problem solving question that requires the concept?

E.g. Instead of 55 x 18, you can have: William’s farm comprises of twenty two workers and fifty five paddocks. If 18 cows graze in each paddock, how many cows are there altogether? This is obviously a simplified question because the Selective High Schools Test will work in more sentences for your child to interpret. Your child needs to reach 55 x 18 on their own after comprehending the question.

Here are some harder Selective High School Test calibre questions: LINK

3. Develop your child’s spatial reasoning ability. 

Can they turn a die and know what face is on the bottom? Here’s a question. Opposite sides of a die add up to seven. Right now, the bottom face is 3. Roll it three times in the same direction. What are the top and bottom numbers of the die?

Answer: LINK (1 and 6 or 2 and 5)

4. Build critical thinking skills.

As you know, the Selective Schools Test is seeing major changes. Click here for more information. In a nutshell, they want to make the test “uncoachable” and we agree with that approach because real learning is about being critical. They want to see if your child truly understands. For more information, come and sit a quiz and one of our tutors will share some golden advice. 

So are you ready to let your child experience SIGI Learners approach to tutoring? Our special ways are different and most parents would agree. Therefore, we’ve left some testimonials and a timetable.

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