Year 10 Accelerated English Open Lesson

Building a strong foundation in essay writing and poetry is crucial to later success in preliminary and HSC English subjects. This is why we’ve created a workshop and lesson all in one for you and it’s called the HTA, which stands for Harder Topic Assessments.

These revision lessons are held for only the most relevant skills and topics. There are original questions designed to help you tackle the long  extended responses and employ deep critical thinking skills. It’s also because they’re vital to scoring in the high band 6.

English Revision:

New Syllabus

Specifically tailored to the new NESA HSC English syllabus

Style & Difficulty

Precisely matches the style and difficulty of school yearly and exams

Main Topics

Designed for the main topics in school like advanced essay writing and poetry

Practice Questions

Perfect to sharpen up for yearly and exam style questions

Tailored Study Plan

Tailor a study plan with a top English tutor after the lesson

Open Class
For existing & non-existing students


  • Skilfully deconstructing advanced essay writing skills, like structure, and teach how to critically analyse poetry with you
  • 94 in HSC Advanced English (2018)
  • Sharing knowledge and skills acquired from English Extension 1 and 2 


16/6/19 Sunday (Week 7)


4:30 - 6:30pm


Suite 1, Level 3, 227 Forest Rd, Hurstville



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